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PURPOSE While MCI does have an annual course listing available for download, it only mentions which courses are ACE accredited, neglecting to specify what category/field the earned college credits will apply toward and where to obtain further information about the accreditation of each course. This website lists only those courses which are accredited, in order to help you to further both your career and your education. SITE CREATOR This website was researched, compiled and designed by Jack Linke, co-founder of Fine-Tuned Technologies USING THIS WEBSITE HOW TO USE THE MCI CREDIT GUIDE To gain a better understanding of how to use this website, please watch our Tutorial (6MB) WHAT WILL TRANSFER It's a shame to receive no benefit from long labor, and this is a definite possibility with MCIs. Not all accredited MCIs will benefit you if you're working toward a college degree. Some are recommended for accreditation at the vocational level (these courses are mainly to fill requirements for certificates or demonstrate skill development for employment), while others are for Associate, Bachelor or Masters degree level credit. In addition, not all colleges accept accredited MCI courses. Only a qualified Representative from your prospective college can say for sure which credits will or will not transfer. Be sure to speak with your college educational adviser about whether they recognize DETC and ACE Accreditation, and which MCIs will be applicable to your desired field of study. To receive college credit for a MCI course, Marines should request a SMART transcript. More information on SMART Transcripts can be found in Appendix B near the end of this document. NUMBER OF CREDITS All MCI courses have the number of ACE recommended college credits listed below the Course title. All credits are in semester hours. READING THE COURSE LISTINGS

ACE ID This is the ACE ID associated with this MCI Course MCI # This is the MCI Number associated with this course Title The title of this MCI Description A short description of what this course covers, and any prerequisites Hours The number of semester hours of college credits ACE recommends for this course Level The level ACE recommends for this course. (See below) Credit Category The category that credits from this course will apply to VA - Accredited at Vocational Level (Applies toward a Vocational Certificates) LL - Accredited at Lower Level (Applies toward an Associate Degree or first two years of Bachelor Degree) UL - Accredited at Upper Level (Applies toward the Last two years of Bachelor Degree) GL - Accredited at Graduate Level (Applies toward a Masters Degree) SUGGESTED USE OF THIS GUIDE With the exception of PME programs (Professional Military Education), the majority of MCIs are listed by and recommended for specific Military Occupational Fields, but nothing bars you from enrolling in them. When deciding what MCIs to enroll in, make sure to complete any specific MCI Courses required by your command first. Then, speak with your college adviser about which MCIs will transfer toward your degree. If you are working toward a certificate, be sure to speak with the program coordinator about what MCIs are applicable toward the certificate. ENROLLING IN MCI COURSES Enroll in MCI Course via the Marine Corps Institute website: HOW TO CONTACT MCI · Web site: · E-mail: · Phone: 1-800-MCI-USMC/ DSN 325-7438 · Postal Mail: 912 Charles Poor Street, Washington Navy Yard DC 20391-5680 · Visit Us: Building 220, Lejeune Hall, Washington Navy Yard FINDING ACCREDITATION INFORMATION FOR INDIVIDUAL COURSES To find current information on the accreditation status of an individual course, either click the ACE ID shown at the left of wach course listing, or go to the military guides website: ACCREDITING AGENCIES DISTANCE EDUCATION AND TRAINING COUNCIL The Distance Education and Training Council (DETC) is a nonprofit educational association located in Washington, DC. DETC serves as a clearinghouse of information about the distance study/correspondence field and sponsors a nationally recognized accrediting agency called the Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council. The Council's goal is to promote sound educational standards and ethical business practices within the distance study field. The Accrediting Commission of DETC has accredited MCI since 1977. This accreditation provides MCI an external standard for improving services and programs through periodic evaluations by an outside agency and by self-evaluation. It also provides the assurance of high standards and educational quality through the adherence to established criteria, policies, and standards. As part of the requirements for accreditation, MCI submits annual reports to the Accrediting Commission of the DETC. MCI is re-evaluated by the Accrediting Commission every 5 years. DETC’s address is 1601 18th Street NW, Suite #2, Washington, DC, 20009-2529, telephone: (202) 234-5100, fax: (202) 332-1386, E-mail:, or visit their homepage at AMERICAN COUNCIL ON EDUCATION The American Council on Education (ACE) evaluates MCI courses to recommend credits that may be applied toward a Baccalaureate/Masters degree, or vocational certificate. ACE lists its recommendation for awarding educational credit or course equivalency in specific degree/certificate categories. This recommendation makes it easier for Marines to obtain college or vocational credit for courses they have completed. Learn more about ACE at

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